How to Add Deep Links in Jetpack Compose?

Step-by-step and easy-to-follow guide to implement deep links in your Android app using Navigation Compose library

Vincent Tsen
6 min readMay 27


This is part of the Jetpack Compose navigation series:

A deep link is a hyperlink that takes you directly to a certain screen on your app.

For example, clicking on my blog’s URL, the Android OS shows a list of apps that can be used to open the URL as you can see below.

Note: The UI above may look a bit different on different Android OS

Since my blog’s app supports deep links, it shows up as one of the apps, the first one from the left. If I open it with my blog’s app, it takes me to specify screen content within my app. That’s the called deep link.

To demonstrate how to implement the deep link, I use this simple Jetpack Compose navigation as an example. Let’s add the deep link.


The example app has 4 screens:

  • Login Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Profile Screen
  • Search Screen

I’m going to add the deep link for each screen in this example app.

1. Add hostname in the activity’s intent filter

In AndroidManifest.xml, add the <data>, <category> and <action> tags in the activity’s intent filter as shown below.

<manifest xmlns:android="">
<data android:host=""…



Vincent Tsen