Simple Firebase Sign-in UI Demo App

Simple Jetpack Compose example to demonstrate how to sign in with a Firebase Authentication pre-build UI using FirebaseUI

Vincent Tsen


This is part of the Firebase tutorial series:

In this demo app, we will guide you through the steps to enable FirebaseUI for authentication and demonstrate how to integrate it into your Jetpack Compose application.

We’re going to add these 2 sign-in methods:

  • Email/Password
  • Google

Connect Your App to Firebase

  1. Go to the Firebase console, and log in with your Google account.
  2. Add project and follow on-screen instructions
  3. Turn off Enable Google Analytics for this project, and click Create project.
  4. Register the app with Android package name ( applicationId in your build.gradle file)
  • Add app nickname (it can be any name)
  • Add Debug signing certificate SHA-1 if you want to use Google sign-in method. In the Android Studio terminal, run this command ./gradlew signingReport. Copy the SHA-1 and paste it here.

5. Download google-services.json to your project app folder.

6. Go to Authentication -> Sign-in method. Add and enable Email/Password, and Google sign-in providers.

The google-services.json and debug singing certificate fingerprints can also be accessed from the Project Overview -> Project settings at the top left corner.

Add Firebase Authentication SDK to your app

  1. Add Google services Gradle plugin in your project-level build.gradle.kts.